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Welcome New Subscribers

Welcome New Subscribers who subscribed Today :

You know who you are.  You special one, you.

"We" do too. Who are "We"???  God the Father, Jesus the Son,
the Holy Spirit, happy Angels,
and Ken Floyd.
So . . . Hi, Jesus comes.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, . . .
for subscribing to kf1.org
Have a wonderful day, and a Best Eternity! -- Jesus Comes. Halleujah, Maranatha, Selah, Amen

At your service, "We"

Jesus Comes. Halleujah, Maranatha

You also know if you haven't subscribed yet.  Or   said to yourself &  Him,  "Yes, Jesus,  I love you too."
Jesus loves you, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves us and that makes three.
Have you told God you loved Him today? -- I am sure you have.

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