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kf1.org Updates Subscription Information

Dear Friend,  Subscriber & future subscriber, Brother / Sister in Humanity, &
Brother / Sister in Jesus Christ:
Maranatha ---- Hi.   Jesus Comes.  ---- Thank you for your interest.

Besides logging on every once in awhile, there are a couple ways you can keep track of what is going on with kf1.org, Ken, and other notables concerning this website.

1 --- Join Us at the Truth in Jesus forum -- kf1.org/forum -- This is the new forum dedicated to the truth of all things in Jesus the Christ.  Of course this includes the truth of all the real things in your life.  Like the truth of why you are going to come and register and join us in service to Him and others.
    A --- Because you want to, and it is going to be fun.
    B --- Because you really truly are interested in knowing the truth about Him.
    C --- Because God's Holy Spirit is leading you to join us.
You can read and post as you want.  Some threads one can post without registering.   But registering is better.

2 --- Subscribe to kf1.org Updates and Important Occurances Only -- You will get only postings of the important changes.  Usually very few mailings in your inbox.
 (Just the facts maam.)  You do need to make sure your filters, firewalls, and address books accept the above email address or you may not get our general mailings.  
If you are time challenged and forums are not useful to you, this is the way to keep track of when, whatever happens, within kf1.org. -- Jesus comes. Period.

   If you have subscribed through one of the forums or venues kf1.org posts and fellowships in: inJesus.com; Revival School; Christian Tribes; Christian Forums; or any others visited over time, thank you for your interest, fellowship, and Christian love.
Normally I will add your email to the General Updates list for notices.

Finally, there is not really any major planning going on, at least not on my part.
 I, Ken, am just trying to follow our Lord Jesus as He leads. . . .

We hope you enjoy your participation with kf1.org, cause this is gonna be good!

Praise the Lord! . . . Jesus Comes.

At your service in Christ, Ken Floyd

Jesus Comes.   Halleujah, Maranatha

A Welcome Message for ((( New Subscribers )))

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