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This being the Sabbath category page, letters are limited to that topic.
If you have a question or comment on this or any other topic email me.
It may not get posted here, but if your question or comment is honest, God knows.   Let the Lord lead.

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I try to answer all my email.     Due to the nature of public posting of one's email on the Internet, please allow me to make the following statements.

I will try to answer all my email.  If for some reason you do not get a personal response from me, believe me, I'll email you back if I can.  But if the mail ever gets out of hand, adjustments will have to be made.  I will not post every letter I receive on this page.  Again, forgive me if you don't get a personal response.  I'm not forgetting you.  Just pray for me and my mailbox.

A Christian Sister writes  -->Why did you have those comments about Seventh Day Adv.? -- AND --
I truly believe that God has networked us together for His glory.>> ----- Thank you, i do too.

My Response: Dear Sister Christian:          Jesus comes. Praise the Lord!
Please accept this letter in the spirit it was intended. Also Sister, allow me to write this as I would to a close friend, which i feel you & Brother Christian already are, even though you do the typing. . . . little lol . . .
You wrote >> Why did you have those comments about Seventh Day Adv.? -- AND -- I truly believe that God has networked us together for His glory. >> -- Thank you, back at ya.
I wrote :> I wrote in Letters / Questions "It is amazing to me, how much this "Sabbath" / "are you SDA" thing bothers people." You want to know how and why I seem to think it "bothers people." If I am right in my re-statement . . . let me tell you the short story now. . . . boy could i tell you stories . . . lol . . . little lol . . . Longer explaination later.> ---------
After much prayer and thought, allow me to write you a 'free form' letter on the subject. Or more specifically, my experience with the subject. So put on your comfortable slippers, cause I have no idea what comes out. Due to 'ripple' effect, the Spirit may lead to me posting this .... who knows where... i will seek your guidance on this particular matter before I do.
"Ripple effect" and the "Law of Un-Intended Consequences." -- Prayer, and one person un-subscribing, whom I thought would have stayed 'for-ever', cause me to..... -- One person whom I thought 'never' would have anything to do with me and kf1.org, linking, subscribing, and taking ALL the postings, has also had unspoken 'ripples' throughout the latest developments. And of course you, well . . . you, Mr & Mrs (((Christian))), are making ripples.
There is no need for me to quote much Scripture in this letter. Let the Lord Lead. (( LTLL -- a new whatchacallit huh? )) -- Maybe save scripture quoting for "Bible Studies" later.
Pick a Subject: It has been my experience, the more Godly, and Right, and True, and Blessed a help from God is, the more that little devil tries to remove, delete, corrupt, and pervert it. Pick a Subject: Take sex and marriage for a quick example; Well there are a couple blessings, kept pure and pristine in this world, aren't they?
----- OF COURSE I AM BEING SARCASTIC. ------------ Pick any other Subject: God's Holy Rest
Since i became a Sabbath Keeping Christian my experience has been the following, confirmed by others who have had the same experiences:
As soon as someone decides to worship and rest on Saturday instead of Sunday they become an outcast. The Christian world doesn't want you. The real world is not set up for you. Your friends and relatives can get down right judge mental, and you Will Have several occurances in your life that make it very difficult to rest, or worship, on Saturday.
Then with study, prayer, and experience, as a heartfelt Christian human of any belief system, you become more, well let me say assured. There is a particular peace / rest in Sabbathkeeping which is most definitely there for me!
There are several things which I believe, which many Heartfelt Christians are unfamiliar. Sabbath is one of them.
Since kf1.org went public, the following has occured, documented. One Ph.D. pastor said, I paraphrase, "we would be glad to link with you, if you will only take out your comments on Sabbath / Sunday." Of course, there are full letters on the Letters/Questions page of kf1.org -
One prospective linking partner, did exchange links. Later, wrote for me to remove kf1's link to them and remove their names from the "Precious Souls pray for them if you want" category. I did, but continue to personally pray for the folks, they are precious souls. It seems the powers that be, who had sway, said do it. If I go too far relating 'several circumstances' this letter will get longer than I would like.
Now as to the specific on "Are you Seventh-Day Adventist." I will not speak directly about any denomination, except in specific private answer to specific private question. As to the general state of Jesus' church, on that I must speak as His Spirit moves.
I am not Seventh-Day Adventist. The history of the advent movement, when God's people came out of the dark ages, into the elightenment, the reformation, the protestant movement, and to the "Advent Movement" is very interesting. The Seventh Day part of the Advent movement did not come along until after the "great dissappointment." And prophecy, points to a falling away from that too. Many pastors know these things. Then prophecy points to other blessings, (i.e. pentecostal movement, evangelical movement, and more movements than I care to think about). There is nothing new under the sun. The message to the "church of the Laodiceans" in Revelation 3:13-22,  is the last message to the last church.
Dear sister and brother, I kinda have run out of steam here. The ripple effects loom. And well, you can write me anytime with a more specific question.
Lastly, and i say this most humbly. God's people, the Church of the Only Begotten, Jesus . . . is asleeepppp . . . can't help but quote one text. ---- http://www.kf1.org/de3.html#text

Text of the Day: -- "O that there were such an heart in them, that they would fear me, and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children for ever!" -- Deuteronomy 5:29

Love to all, in Jesus, ken
PS -- the Bcc is a test, sent to you only now.   later            (Top of Letter)           (Top of Page)

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