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Well either half right or half wrong

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Post reference link - PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2007 7:17 pm    Post subject: Well either half right or half wrong
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The following is a post by me, posted in another forum. Since it had some points which needed making, i felt the Lord and a special brother would not mind me reposting it here. Sort of like getting 2 posts for the price of one. -- The article which is being responded to is here ---> Rev 14 : the 144000 by brother debonnaire

Dear Special Brother: Maranatha
After a good general review of your observations on Revelation 14 and Revelation 7, I believe you may be half right and half wrong. We both know Revelation has figurative, symbolic, and literal passages. Some have all three.

I see your observations, or at least your stating of it, either half right or half wrong, depending on basic understanding.

My basic understanding is that the group of 144,000 discussed is basically the last group of true Christians left standing when Jesus comes. This is also that group which the apostle Paul thought would be translated at Jesus return. They are a first fruits in that they are the first to ushered into eternity through great tribulation, without being corrupted in the grave. -- alive+and+remain_search -- Revelation14:4 -- Revelation14:1-5

1 -- Spiritual Israelites, yes. Literal Jews, maybe some. Probably few. Probably few literal anything. The 144,000, by that time, better be nothing but spiritual people who have lost fleshly ties. Think about it. 144,000 compared to 6 billion people. Not big percentages.

2 -- Literal man/male, probably not. Maybe, but probably not. Our advanced society still uses the word man to mean mankind. We got it from our forefathers to include women in man (i.e. mankind) (give language a break)

3 -- Virgins -- Most definitely from God's perspective. The Word says "... who are not defiled with women." Women are sometimes used as a symbol for an apostate church. (i.e. Babylon Mother of Harlots) So an ex-hooker who has given herself to God and is walking with Him could be one of the 144,000 left standing when Jesus comes, couldn't they, if they were not defiled by apostate christianity?

4 -- I agree 100% with the part about them having no guile, or deceit. By the time Jesus forgives them of their past sins, and they see that the results of those sins live on, no true Christian will have anything to do with any sin, after this world is all over with.

Just as no one except God really knows who the true Christians are, I imagine few people alive will know who the 144,000 are. Yet, I see no reason why God may not have His number down exactly. In fact, from what I know about God the figure may be exact. Just we silly humans don't know who they really are. The number and the who of this group has personal symbolic and literal meaning to me.
debonnaire perceptively wrote:
These 144000 are Christ like. They follow the Lamb wherever He goes They can follow the Lamb wherever He goes for they have the same nature than Him.
In the final result you are exactly correct here. This group will have to believe in God when there is absolutely no reason to believe. Just like Jesus. This group will be persecuted. Just like Jesus. This group will look for the salvation of God. Just like Jesus. This group will trust Jesus & God.

n Jesus, Ken
Jesus comes. Period.

PS -- I did not quote many texts in this. You know i can. I figure we will get it covered in a few posts.
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