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Navigation & Posting Hints

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Post reference link - PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2007 12:31 pm    Post subject: Navigation & Posting Hints
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Forums and internet bulletin boards can be scary. I know they were to me when I first started. There are so many links and it is so easy to get lost and and and . . .

If you are unfamiliar with forums, this post will help you get started. If you are familiar with PhpBB software and/or forums generally you don't need this post. If you have other tips I didn't include here, which I may be unfamiliar to me, please feel free to post them in this thread.

A forum is a collection of topic subjects. A topic is a collection of discussion posts, also called a thread or topic thread. This collection is organized by category, forum, topic, thread, and individual post. The posts are normally organized with the oldest or first post first, and the newest or last post last. This can be adjusted by you but 'we' will discuss that later.

After one registers as a new member, then they, you, can post messages and topics and questions of your own. That is one of the reasons for this forum. So you can participate and "we" can fellowship in Jesus the Christ. -- amen -- I tried to leave the forum so guests could post. That did not work out at all because of commercial spam robot postings. So you have to register to post. You do not have to register to read in this forum. There are no hidden forums or groups. Registering is easy. We will get to that in a moment.

The best way to learn is to Click Around. A the upper left corner of the index page is the link logo.
Any where You see it is a link back to the index page of the forum.

Just below that you will see a link to the Lastest Topic Scroll.

Which takes you to the bottom of the page where you see:

The topic link which scrolls by takes you to the first post in that thread, no matter how many pages in the thread.

The little arrow page link is very important. The takes you to the very last post in a thread, no matter how many pages in the thread. The links to the last post any where you see it, except in demonstration posts like this one.

A forum link: like Who I am, Chat about Jesus, Forum Purpose, ect will take you to a forum page which has all the topics posted. At the top & bottom of that page is a new topic button. At the top & bottom of any page in a topic thread are a new topic and post new reply button. -- --

The link will post a new topic to the forum you are in: i.e. Who I am, Chat about Jesus

The link will post a new reply post to the forum you are in.

When you click reply or new topic you will get a screen which looks like this only blank.

Read the screen, tho the print is getting small, and there is some good hint information there too. The screen commands will get you this result ---> Jesus comes.

At the lower left of the screen, under Options is a link marked BBCode is ON. If you click the BBCode it will take you to a instruction page. I also recommend the FAQ if you ever have spare time. -- Laughing -- It is actually quite easy once you try a few times.

You don't have to do the fancy stuff. All one has to do is type. You can even do that a finger at a time when you are thinking hard, like i sometimes do. -- Embarassed -- Cool

Thank you for joining us. By all means, post your comments, questions, or tidbits of information as our loving Lord Jesus would lead you. Let the Lord Lead. It takes a little time to learn your way around the program interface here. The software is really quite simple to use. It won't take long for you to "get the hang of it." -- There is a practice thread you can use. Since this forum has the "edit" button still intact, you can post something in practice, edit it, then delete it when you finish practicing. Just remember also; Whatever You Post in Any Thread IS Public and visible on the WWW Internet. That includes the practice thread and the last topic scroll. -- --> Practice thread

If you have other hints or tips feel free to include them to this thread. I would like to make another post about offline composing and editing and formatting sometime. I personally like to use Windows notepad as a text editor. Then when I get things the way I want them in notepad, I copy and paste into the reply form. -- With notepad one needs to turn the wordwrap off before copy. -- Then with the PREVIEW Button, I PREVIEW, and change, and Preview, and change, until I get it the way I want it. . . . then Click Submit.
At truthinJesus.net the edit button is available, even if you catch something you want to change after you click SUBMIT.

So with that, I will click submit on this post, and submit it back to you dear reader. May the Lord bless you and keep you surrounded by good godly things. -- Amen.

Jesus comes. Like a freight train.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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