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My friend Ken and his forum

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Post reference link - PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 8:44 pm    Post subject: My friend Ken and his forum
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Ken sent me a mail and told me about this forum. I admit I am new to this. I told him I never do the chat thing, but Ken is a friend and a brother in Christ so I stopped by to see what this is all about.
Ken, I still don't know the exact workings of this but to me a very ammateurish (is that a word) forum person I say it looks great and I think you surely worked very hard on this as you do everything you do for God. Keep on spreading the word my brother as you always tell me in your mails.. JESUS COMES!!!! And I add to that... QUICKLY. Be ye ready.
With that I will post one of my poems as Ken suggested.
The name of it is Jesus Comes

.Jesus Comes

If Jesus came back to earth early one Monday morning,

Many would be found not heeding His obvious warning.

Moms would be found saying,"Get up, get dressed we don't have all day."

Dads would be found saying, "Honey where did you put my favorite shirt, if I find it everything will be ok."

Kids would be found saying, "If you will let me miss just this one time,

I promise every other day I will get up and go and all will be just fine."

If Jesus returned upon the clouds of a Tuesday sky,

He would find many hurting people asking God why.

Why is my life such a mess today?

Why can't she love me and listen to what I have to say?

If only I had never met her.

Perhaps now my life would be better.

God are you really there when I call?

Why is it every time I get up I always seem to fall?

If our Lord should choose to come back midweek on a Wednesday night,

He would find much sadness loneliness fear and fright.

The man on the barstool would be having one more drink.

When he drinks the hurt disappears for awhile, he doesn't have to think.

The woman walking down the dark alley would be rushing to pick up enough drugs to make the pain go away.

When she is high the loneliness leaves and she finds a superficial brighter day.

The young girl alone crying in the corner of her room is hoping this night the lock on her door keeps out the evil.

When she hides in the dark corner it seems to protect her from her life's abusive upheaval.

If the Lord came back on Thursday what would He find?

He would find the elderly alone and hurting, seemingly loosing their mind.

Why did God let me live all these years just to let it end like this?

Oh if I could go back in time all the things I would do that I do so dearly miss.

If I could only have my child and hold him tightly in my arms and wipe his tears,

If only he would come visit me now and comfort me and take away some of my fears.

If the King of all the earth returned on Friday as the work week was coming to a close,

He would find check cashing ,bill paying , eating out and movie shows.

The world would be in a TGIF kind of a mood.

Eating, drinking, being merry, worried about nothing really but more drink and food.

If the eastern skies were broken through on a Saturday,

What would Jesus find on the day of recreation and play?

Two brothers are taking their boat out to the lake to fish awhile

Two sisters are heading for the mall, shopping always makes them smile.

A mom and her girls are heading for the soccer game

A dad and his boys are doing the same.

If Jesus Christ came back to earth on Sunday, the Lord's day, the day of rest.

Surely He would find the best of the best.

Would He find people praying and praising His holy name?

Would He find people wondering at the miracles of His healing the blind and the lame?

Would He find all those who obey Him and follow His commands?

Would He find people who are going being His feet and His hands?

Yes, there are seven days in every week that comes and goes.

Yes, one of those days will be the day that our Lord chose,

To return to this earth and gather those who have obeyed and been forgiven for their sin.

To find those who have remained faithful to Him until the end

Where will you be when the Lord comes once again ?

Where will you be, will you be found ready then?

Praise His holy name every day as if it were Sunday

Worship Him In Spirit and Truth in your daily life on Monday.

Always seek His direction for your life on Tuesday.

Tell of His miracles and forgiveness to hurting people on Wednesday

Let Him be your friend and comforter in your loneliness on Thursday

Let Him be your provider, partake of His bread of life on Friday.

Be His hands and feet wherever you go on Saturday.

Endure to the end as you gather with fellow believers in His presence on Sunday.

Live everyday always ready, watching and waiting, longing for and expecting His triumphant return.

Jesus comes.

Be found ready.

Judy Parker

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