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This is the page which contains the pre-offense submissions I feel I must make.  Things like, "No attempt is made to infringe on any copyright laws of the world."  Things like, "I am not a professional writer or computer programmer." 

Please excuse any negativity found on this page.  It is incidental and unintentional for sure.  It would be nice if everything in the world was 'peaches and cream', and if  every day was 'coming up roses'.  But the world we inhabit has negative things.  Even the roses have thorns.  Jesus is coming soon to remove those negatives.  There is a storm brewing.  If the Lord moves me to speak, on the positive or the negative, and I do it, that can't be a bad thing.  Absolutely, Positively, Jesus is coming,   

so letz go

No attempt is made, or intended, to cause offense to anyone, due to contents within this web site.  All material used that has not originated from me, has been checked for copyright use, approved as needed, and legal.   As you can tell from these pages, I like animated GIFs.  THANKS A LOT TO ALL THE GIF ARTISTS ON THE WEB AND ESPECIALLY THE MAKERS OF THE ONES I AM USING. 

No attempt is made, or intended, to cause offense to anyone due to the content of these pages, or the message they contain.  Everyone has the right to believe as he or she sees fit.  What one believes is important.  It is important to believe in things that are true.  There is no attempt to deceive in these pages.  I believe this message.  This message is true. 
Jesus Is Coming.

You can count on it.  One might not agree with everything in the book, 
              "What Will Happen to You?*   *before Jesus Returns and the World ends.",   
or everything in this web site, but if Jesus is coming, and He wants me to speak and write, speak and write I shall do. 

If He truly is soon to return, then truly it would do us well to put away all pride and offense, search ourselves, and watch.  Don't you agree?

This site is devoted exclusively for publishing this ultimate message.  Jesus Christ is about to return.  Until then, we must continue to do our work. 

I am not a professional writer or computer programmer.  I am not a preacher, or Bible scholar.  My current profession is one of "Roofer."  This might lead you to ask "Why is this man doing this?"  Let me give you two quick answers. 

One.   I have to write and publish this little book and website.       Two.  READ THE BOOK.

I have no intention or desire to 'start a church'.  I have no 'axe to grind'.  As I say in the book, "My only obligation is to share my beliefs with others as circumstance and the Spirit dictate."

Jesus said
". . . rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven."     (Luke 10:20)

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