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Jesus is coming, soon.

Like it or not.
2 Timothy 4:8

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GOD is in Control
JESUS is coming,   soon.
We human beings seldom know,
      . . .what is really going on.
If in doubt, see God is in control.
I Repent
For Worldly Men & Women
Letters & Questions
          . . . in categories
The First Lie Ever Told
                        . . . Repeated
Oh, My God, You Have
                     Got To Save Me!
And they shall build houses
                        and inhabit them
Paint an Ugly Picture of
                        23 Years in Hell
A Separating Sign

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Prayerful Patience
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Why Is What Doctrine I Believe
Guest Articles & Essays
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Speak Plain So i Can Read
                        While Running
apostle or Apostle?
                    do we need them?
Burden for the Brothers
                            & Sisters
Famine in the Land

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