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Most of the prophecies of Daniel have been fulfilled.  The little horn in the book of Daniel, the one who spoke great things, came, and fell.  Others took his place.  The Protestant Reformation, in many ways, modified Catholicism. 

The book of Revelation speaks of a beast which comes up out of the ground, having two horns like a lamb, but speaks as a dragon.  Revelation also speaks of a beast with seven heads and ten horns.  One head receives a deadly wound.  The wound is healed.  And there is one who makes the beast.  And one who makes an
"image to the beast," "an image of the beast."  Many prophecies contained in the Bible make one shudder in fear, and pray "Lord Jesus please come quickly."        (Revelation 13:1-5;  Revelation 13:11-15) 

I am a patriot. I love my nation. I love America.  God did not leave America out of prophecy.  The United States of America, "my country tis of thee," is the beast who comes up out of the ground, having two horns like a lamb.  But the prophecy says she shall speak as a dragon.   (Revelation 13:11) 

Beasts in prophecy most usually symbolize a governmental or religious power, no more, no less.  A government has no conscience.  The conscience of a government's rulers is the only commitment a government has. 

A government, governs in a practical, expedient manner, just like a corporation exists only to make money and continue to exist.  A government will do what it needs to do to stay in power. 

America came up "out of the earth."  It was not a nation formed on conquest, but a nation formed on desires for peace, and ownership of land. 

America was formed with two separate horns of power, like a lamb.  America was formed with civil democracy, and religious association, as separate, distinct, and recognized sources to guide and direct men.  America was formed with peace, duty to God and family, duty to country, and personal opportunity as its birthright and legacy.

America has changed much since Ben Franklin's day.  Some of our values remain the same.  Some values have changed.  Some have disappeared.  Much more will change in America, and change quickly.  It is not America's fault.  My beloved America is just a country fulfilling its place in history. 

The controversy is between God and Satan.  The struggle is 'our personal fight.'  Our struggle is
"against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world," spiritual forces loose on planet Earth.  Earth and man got caught up in the controversy and conflict.  The choices men make prove whose side they are on.  "Choose you this day whom ye will serve."     (Ephesians 6:12-18; Joshua 24:15) 

America and the World today are battling.  The World is battling against many problems and obstacles, very large and baffling.  Problems of Earth's environment, problems of hunger, population, economy, social upheaval, government and global interaction, all these problems beset modern man.

Many have said things like, "The world needs global direction."  "America must take the lead in giving that direction to the World."  "Governments must unite."  "Religions must unite."  Governments and religions will unite.  This is not a good thing.  History has shown that religions cannot direct civil power without attempting to legislate dogma.  When 'churches' have power, they make 'religious' laws.  When religions can make laws, usually persecution follows. 

America is unique among countries, and her history is glorious.  In this era of the world, all countries and peoples are unique.  But, in the quest for more goods and a better lifestyle, America has led.  This is due to our double blessing of resources and resourcefulness.  America forges on first. 

At no time, during the history of man, has more goods, been available to more people, than there are now.  There never are enough goods though.  Our economy and natural order are ruled by the laws of supply and demand. We place value on items and services because of the "Law of Limited Resources."

Today, all countries are becoming aware of their national heart. Many nations seek the national resourcefulness of us Americans.  We, as a people, believe in ourselves, and believe in the providence of God.  We appear to trust in Him, and He has blessed us. 

But, if we are deceived into believing, God has said things He has not.  If we are made to believe, God requires us to do things God does not urge.  We may let our rulers do things they should not do.  Many wars have started for poor reasons. 

The prophecies of Daniel were sealed until the "time of the end," when "knowledge shall be increased" and "many shall run to and fro."  In the early 1800's great interest focused on the book of Daniel.  The book of Daniel contained keys to the understanding of another prophetical book, the book of Revelation.  Daniel and the Revelation were studied deeper than ever.  Their secrets were compared with history.  Answers were found.  Many of their prophecies have been fulfilled in history already.     (Daniel 12:4) 

Taken together, these two books, along with writings contained in the rest of the Bible, point a path to, and through, the last days of this earth.  If one knows what is going to happen to the World, one has a better idea of what is going to happen to oneself. 

America will play a large role in Earth's final days.  Since the world is a global population, all the Continents have their part to play.  Continental nationalism is the trend in the world.  As more countries input their needs into the global economy, the regional need directs the national action.  The actions of one country can now truly affect the world. 

As Jesus said, in the parable of the fig tree, "By watching one can see when the time is near."   (Matthew 24:32-35 paraphrase)

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