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What if? -- God is in Control --
Jesus Comes. -- Brother Bill #1

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 Free fallin... free fallin... Ahhhh...
. . . Standing on the promises of God.

This being the Brother Bill category page, letters are basically to bro Bill.   Bill is a real person.   His name may have been changed, but read on below, and you will see.

If you have a question or comment on this or any other topic email me.
It may not get posted here, but if your question or comment is honest, God knows.   Let the Lord lead.

The maintenance pages are:   letters & questions (current),   Wall of Well Wishers,   Text of the Moment,   Text Annotations,   and   Completed Essays,  as i am moved to pen them.  Maintenance includes telling others and publishing this website.       Jesus is coming. kf1.org   You can help. See how you can help this Project Mission.

I try to answer all my email.     Due to the nature of public posting of one's email on the Internet, please allow me to make the following statements.

 Just a closer walk with thee ... Grant it Jesus if you please 
 --- i i i love to walk with theeee ... 
... let it be Dear Lord --- Let it beeeeeee ...>

I will try to answer all my email.  If for some reason you do not get a personal response from me, believe me, I'll email you back if I can.  But if the mail ever gets out of hand, adjustments will have to be made.  I will not post every letter I receive on this page.  Again, forgive me if you don't get a personal response.  I'm not forgetting you.  Just pray for me and my mailbox.

What if? -- God is in Control -- Jesus Comes. -- Brother Bill #1  -->
-- Dear ((( beloved ))) subscriber, future subscriber, & Brother Bill:

Well i had my little talk with Jesus . . . and i . . .
Told Him about my troubles, troubles. . . .
And He . . .
answered by and by, . . . answered by and by.

This little letter is just for you, as an individual, there are just several individuals of you. So let me get right on with it.  You are in for a treat. Really. -- The Old Man Upstairs has said it is alright to let you in on some things, and introduce you to a dear, dear, friend of mine.
Let us call my friend Brother Bill. Real person. But the name can be changed to protect the innocent. Brother Bill is one of the most godly Holy Saints of God there is. Period. Praise God, God has thousands like Bro. Bill. Yet Bill is an aged gentle gentleman. A young teen in Kansas during the depression he was. A minister all his life, praising God in thick and in thin, he is.
There are eyesight problems now, in bro Bill's life. He lost his faithful wife a couple years back. And the Internet? Bill knows much more about the web now than he ever did. He still prefers the rabbit ear antenna on the tv to cable.
Bill and I have had some ongoing conversations about the things we see happening in the church. We have conversations about things we see happening in the world. We both have a real good knowledge of what God is doing. And we have a really good time thinking, praying, and talking together about these things.
I have permission to share some of this with you all. -- Praise God. -- Bill & I talk about things I, (ken), think / feel / believe all of you need to know.
This is going to be a treat to me. It is my heartfelt belief and prayers that Brother Bill & my discourses are edifying to you also. Some of the stuff discussed may not be real pleasant. Some will be extremely uplifting & encouraging. Some may be stuff you already know. And some things discussed, you may never had opportunity to consider.
   1 Corinthians 14:26    1 Timothy 1:5    1 Corinthians 13:8-10    1 Corinthians 14:12    Romans 14:19
   1 Corinthians 10:23    1 Thessalonians 5:11    1 Timothy 1:4    1 Peter 4:8
In addition, I have permission to repost some of the website here at kf1.org, at inJesus.com, and to you subscribed folks. It is hard in this modern world to find time to do things, Especially things which require some thought and prayer. It has been brought to my attention that some of the more lengthy materials can be sent to you in segments. I will, Lord willing, start posting you segments of the Gooder Stuff, soon.
Reader, thanks for your service to your fellow humans.
And thanks again, inJesus.com for your services,.
To the Glory of our Lord!
Maranatha! -- We happily wait on the Lord.!
Before we get further 'on with it,' let me interject this one note:

NOTE -- To interested Christians, a side note: -- Many groups at inJesus.com use blue or red fonts. The inJesus html editor defaults url links to red and blue without underlining. For anyone who is not familiar with kf1.org postings, when kf1.org quotes a Bible Scripture text reference it is usually a hot link to the url for that Scripture on BibleGateway.com, or another hot link to references. -- ( Help support the folks at BibleGateway.com and those like them, as you are able. They do a great work for the church.) -- Most other colored texts used by kf1.org are url hot links also.   i.e. ---- John 3:16-19 ---- John 3:16-19<-------- link
Jesus Comes, period.

Dear Brother Bill:         Subject: New Quandary
What if a man has a dream, vivid in all its details. During the dream, his consciousness knew the dream. This dream is Glorious! -- The man knew he wanted notes, but no paper in the dream. Upon waking he still knows the dream, and knows he will forget it. No sense hunting for note paper now, huh? Better just forget it and go about the business of the day, huh?  Let me explain.
I had that dream last night. I tell you brother Bill, it was glorious! And made sense too. --
Glorious. -- Praise the Lord. -- Selah. -- Amen! -- Imagine That -- So Be It.

But this leaves me in another quandary.  Do I?  or Don't I?  Let me explain.
Started reading "Foxe's Book of Martyrs" the other night. I had heard of those things  (sshhudderrr)   but had never read the accounts of saint Foxe.     (ssshuudeeer)   -- Of course the Bible says, "For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool's voice is known by multitude of words."    Ecclesiastes 5:3
Knowledge God may/will let this be repeated, one more time really bothers me. Of course horrific things are happening, everyday, to millions of people, every day, now. And now, certain ones, certain ones, believe it is alright to kill, maim, and destroy, in many names of authority, now.
( shudder -- ssshudddder -ssshudddderr )
Then coming back from the dumpsite. After dumping a big load of trash shingles, driving down the road, it occurred to me how and why God lets these things happen.
God lets horrors happen, in this world, to prove, to the entire universe, beyond a shadow of turning, The Beauty of His Glorious Grace, The Weightiness of His Characteristic Beauty, His Doxo; To prove, His Merciful Son, Jesus, God, Is In Control.
This world is truly so horrific that the only son of God is truly the only one who could ever, or would ever, live here without sinning. God's people will be so glad when this is over.  The Word says "When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream." ". . . hating even the garment spotted by the flesh."
   Psalm 126:1-6    Jude 1:22-24

God does not want sin.  Jesus does not want sin.  His people do not want sin.  Who needs it?

You know what I am talking about. Yet this leaves me in a new quandary. -- What do I do about it? -- IT IS another blessing in my cup, knowledge of these things! You know I will be the first to tell you, or anyone else, my spiritual cup has been getting filled pretty regular lately. -- LTLL.  Selah.  Let the Lord Lead.  Imagine That. --
(He takes care of the other things pretty well too, aye?) --I pray i am charitable enough to share these things in love.  So . . . i gotta idea i wanna check counsel on.
You know, I feel like I have written and posted enough. Enough here, enough there, enough said. Of course, that is not the case. God's Holy Spirit can take care of the drawing and wooing. Of course, that fact truly is the case. Yet, this "Foxe's Book of Martyrs" mentioned above is some tough stuff. How and why God would have/let that happen is, well . . . makes sense.     John 14:6    John 6:44
Being His Purpose to destroy once and for all the works of the little devil, and the devil himself; and being His purpose to bring many sons to glory; then letting that little devil out of the bag was the right thing to do. No wonder affliction will not arise a second time. Anyone with a brain can see this world is not worth having. Praise God His Beauty & Wisdom is stronger than the worst thing coming out of darkness. -- Selah. -- Imagine That. --
Praise God His Grace, His Beauty, His Character, HAS trumped Satan at every point.
A faith which can move mountains of unbelief, and also praise Him in horrific martyrdom is an awesome thing.
A faith which can keep trudging along, when life is not so kind, is a beautiful thing.
The vileness which would destroy that faith, is mysterious.
The love which tolerated vileness is mysterious.
I have a few essays pending, and one text of the moment. They are in the queue and, Lord willing, will be done.
This is what i have been moved to do now. Starting with this letter, I will, Lord willing, post readable segments of the website, kf1.org, at inJesus.com .
Also, if you think it wise, i will, Lord willing, post parts of our conversations. -- The important parts -- And share them with others. I think they would be most edifying to many.
I'll do the typing for you. -- You just gotta say ok. -- ok -- huh? -- huh?
Why not?  I request counsel.  Check out the cost of that tower, sir. -- So what do you think / feel / believe, sir?
Your loving brother in Jesus, ken
Maranatha ((( beloved subscribers ))) Jesus Comes, Period.

LTLL -- Let the Lord lead. -- ken           (Top of Letter)           (Top of Page)


Dear Beloved Subscribers & Brother Bill:    Subject: Up in the Air -- 9/16/2006 -- Jesus Comes, period.

As you all can imagine, my life is pretty much up in the air right now.
This heart attack, or more especially, the bypass surgery to correct the problem, has changed my life. I can drive now, but still 4 more weeks before the bone is considered new, and who knows about everything else.
God knows! Good enough for me!
As you all know, i like to let the Lord lead. I try to "not lean to my own understanding." But circumstance dictates I quit with the subscribed emailing lists. Of course this is a hard thing for me. In doing this decently and in order, I am letting you know what is going on. Jesus, my Lord and Savior, the only one i know, has pointed me towards a course of action, given the current circumstances in my life.    Proverbs3:5-6

Note: Feel completely free to continue sending me your questions by email link. Also, continue to refer others who may have questions as you need. I will let you know further developments also through kf1.org Updates Only and direct individual email letters.

One, got to mothball the InJesus account, LTLL.
Two, either,
Do a major upgrade to the website making it current. -- http://www.kf1.org/
b. Mothball the website as is, with maybe a notice on the index.
c. Close out the website altogether.
All of you are friends, and brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, and loved by me, and, pretty good people too.
The kf1.org Updates Only list will be continued during this process as we learn what direction our Lord will lead.
The operative Bible text at this time is:   -- Amos5:13 -- Amos5:1-27
Truly yours, in Jesus Christ, Ken Floyd
Jesus Comes, period.

Subject -- kf1.org DISCONTINUED LINKS: Dear ((( Subscriber / Linking partner ))) Maranatha -- 9:12 AM 10/15/2006
Dear Friend: Maranatha, Jesus comes, Hallelujah!!!
Subject: kf1.org is to be a discontinued website.

Do not really know how to pen this. LTLL I will just try to express this as clearly as i can.
Most of the time when we plan things in this world, God seems to have different ideas.
The website at kf1.org has been on the internet for over 10 years. The "Project Mission" has been something i feel has followed me and motivated me all my life. Yet, just when I feel things are 'going somewhere', all indications point to closing the website and subscription list down.
Let the Lord Lead. If this is indicated to me, by Him, I would be even more of a fool to ignore it, than i feel I have been some times before in my life.
All of us know, Salvation, and the promises of God and Jesus, are not dependent on us. Salvation and God's promise of Life to you and me is dependent on Him and our belief in Jesus the Christ is the proof. God does not need me to tell you that. You already know that.
I look happily forward to seeing all of you in Eternity when we cross that Heavenly Jordan.
So . . . consider this short letter as notification that the following is being done.
The website account http://www.kf1.org/ will be closed with the Service Provider CenturyTel.net
[[[and has been reopened with another host server. Praise the Lord.]]]
The old email account ------ is closed also.
[[[The new contact email link ken@kf1.org Praise the Lord.]]]
My new personal email account is unknown at this point. If you would like my new one, when I get one, just let me know now by old address.
Sometimes it takes a while for ISP's to clear their server caches, so the website may stay up a while. If you have links pointing to this site, they will be invalid after a while.
Thank you all, very much, for your support and interest during the last year.
Your Brother in Jesus,
Ken Floyd
Jesus Comes. Period.
                                            (Top of Letter)           (Top of Page)

  The Lord has given me and this Website New Life. Praise be to the name of the Lord, Jesus.

Dear Beloved Friends, Readers, & Brother Bill:     -- 5/20/2007 -- Jesus comes.

   Subject: New Life in Jesus    aka The Setup    aka The Burning Bush    aka The Truth in Jesus Forum

   The Lord has taken me all around this burning bush of Life.  Let me tell you, the burning bush looks the same from all angles.  When may the Lord deliver us from this world of pain and sorrow?  How long must the truth of all things, be hidden under the mantle of lies and slavery in life?

God has His righteous purpose and plans. If someone loves the Truth, the Lord will show them the way.
A Golden Thread runs throughout My understanding of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ.
  Dear Reader, Do you see a golden thread in your understanding, of the Good News of Salvation, in Jesus?

If someone does not love the truth, if someone does not love life, God has promised that soul will die.  Period.

God has also promised, if someone does love life, the Life which is in Jesus, that soul will live. If someone does love the life which is in Christ, God has promised that soul will live.  Praise be the name of the Lord, Jesus.  Period.

Now here is the setup. Just about the time I thought things were starting to go well for the website, I had my heart attack. Shoot, things in my life were finally starting to 'pan out.' Then boom, I was dead, almost. Thanks to God and good Doctors I had new life. Let me tell you that is an eye opening experience all by itself. Then the Lord started working on me some more. The telephone the website's free webspace was attached to had to be closed, for several reasons, one being inability to pay the bill, Bill.

Not only that, but the website was locked in their servers and I did not have access to change anything on it. The Lord kept this site online anyway, until He was ready. The Lord had me take a long look at the burning bush of my life.  What were/are my motivations in life?  What were/are my motivations within this website?  As He made me look at the burning bush of my life, I could see failure, success, and definitely the understanding God is in Control, of everything. I feel the Lord has truly resurrected me, and this website. I await that eternal resurrection, when I shall be like Him.

Well, I have looked at the burning bush of Life from all angles. This life of mine is not consumed, yet. My motives are pure, and true, and God sent. There is no guile in this ol boy Ken. All of God's people can truly say, "be patient with me, God isn't finished yet."

I have looked at the burning bush of Life from all angles. Life in this world is not consumed, yet. Saint and sinner, both still live under the mercy of God.  God says sinners, unless God saves them, will be consumed.   Jesus comes.   Period.

Lord knows I have prayerfully wrestled with the question of this Project's next phase. The Lord through the last several months of leading by His Holy Spirit has caused me to start a forum for the website. This is indicated, as several posts in our forum will explain. If you want to learn the truth of a subject, already being commented on in the forum, post your questions and understandings. Together His Holy Spirit can help bring us into all truth.

Dear Reader, come join us there/here and register so you can post too. It is easy to register and learn how to post. Come and Chat with us about Jesus. Come and seek the real truth of all things in Jesus the Christ. There can logically only be one truth of a subject, though many lies can be made up. A Golden Thread does exist completely through the Gospel of Salvation in Jesus. Come join with us in the forum and maybe we can learn more of Truth together. If you have specific things you care to discuss, open a topic and start typing.

There are some special differences to the Truth in Jesus forum. One is I, Ken, will be the chief moderator. I feel the Lord is leading me to keep the forum lean. To read more about the special differences in the the Truth in Jesus forum, log on and read this thread. -->The Setup

For more about the truth of my conclusions, during the period between my heart attack and now, see the thread "The Burning Bush."  These are conclusions which lead to my reopening the website, starting the forum, and not just plain quiting.

And by all means dear Reader, come and check out the Truth in Jesus forum. Join us and brighten our world. Though I probably don't know you personally yet, if you are reading this, I love you and am praying for you, as often as His Spirit allows. Peace to you and yours. May God bless you always, in Jesus Christ, amen.

Note:  "As of Sunday, May 20, 2007 The "The Truth in Jesus Forum" forum is in development and has not been birthed into the real world yet. The above letter will have generous links to the forum later.   When its all linked up then you know we're online.  So check back with us. A change is happening. A new baby forum is about to be birthed. This is almost as much fun as having a wife pregnant with a real baby. Nawww.     :-)

LTLL -- Let the Lord lead. -- ken           (Top of Letter)           (Top of Page)

Hallelujah,   Praise the Lord,   Maranatha,   The Lord Comes!


There once was a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed she had only three hairs on her head.
"Well," she said, "I think I'll braid my hair today." So she did and she had a wonderful day.
The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that she had only two hairs on her head.
"H-M-M, " she said, "I think I'll part my hair down the middle today." So she did
and she had a grand day.
The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that she had only one hair on her head.
"Well," she said, "Today I'm going to wear my hair in a pony tail." So she did
and she had a fun, fun day.
The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that there wasn't a single hair on her head.
"YEAH!" she exclaimed, "I don't have to fix my hair today!"
Attitude is everything.

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet
is fighting some kind of battle."

Jesus Is Coming, Soon.

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